Beer Burros

The Randigs, owners of THCE are always looking for a new adventure! When they received a call from a local venue asking them to consider starting a beer burro business, they immediately started looking for the perfect miniature donkeys to train. Having no real idea what this entailed, Alisha found an ad on Craigslist for a Jack (male donkey) that needed a new home. When she arrived, she was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful paint donkey. While visiting with the rancher she also fell in love with a sweet Jenny (female donkey) that was grazing in the pasture with the herd. She left with both donkeys, now known as John Wayne and Annie Oakley. As the business grew to six burros, so did her love for these sweet, friendly animals. The burros are now traveling across Texas for events of all kinds.

Your team of burros will arrive at your event 30 minutes prior to their time to greet your guests! They will then mix and mingle passing drinks and/or snacks to your guests. They have a beautiful neck wreath that they wear or you can provide any props you have to go along with the theme of your event. They can also be a walking photo booth for your event, just add the polaroid package to your contract.

Our burros love to cuddle and entertain. Don’t miss out on booking them for your event, contact us for a personalized quote. Availability is limited due to demand.