Alisha and Bethany

We are two freethinking gals who have grown up in the hill country and truly appreciate everything it has to offer. We are sisters by birth but best friends and business partners by choice. We offer different styles, tastes, aesthetics and opinions as we brainstorm with our clients.

We have come together to create a company whose foundation is built on mutual trust, passion, and drive for what we do and an enthusiasm for the events we create. We work hard, laugh often, and collaborate with fabulous vendors. We immediately earn the trust of our clients and exceed their expectations. We become members of people’s families for a day of celebration!

We have stayed true to our vision of creating a company that prides itself on professionalism, ethics, and responsibility. Not interested in replicating other event planning companies, we have created our own distinct approach to event production. Our unmistakable blend of chic, modern aesthetics produces innovative and unconventional events that are neither manufactured nor contrived. Our talents, knowledge, and capabilities offer our clients a perspective that is refined and authentic.